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Logo Creation.

Essential Elements of Effective Logo Design. Your logo is the face your business presents to the world. 

Logo Design
Logo Creation
Logo Development

An effective logo can capture the attention of prospects, enhance admiration of your customers, and turn one-time purchasers   into into loyal consumers.

A company logo will evoke feelings and emotions whether consumers are familiar with it or not.  Your logo is a critical piece of the branding mix.

A logo is:

  • A logo is your signature.
  • A logo is a visual representation of your company.
  • A logo is one of the defining elements that sets you apart from the competition.

A logo should:

  1. A logo should be uniquely identifiable.
  2. A logo should convey the brands intended message.
  3. A logo should create a visual memory and an emotional feeling about your brand.
  4. A logo should focus on the one idea that speaks to the key personality of your brand.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Essential Elements of Effective Logo Design


Brands that use clear and simplistic logo design are generally more memorable to the general public.  Less IS indeed more.  Logos with too many elements can be distracting to your audience. Good logos feature something unexpected or unique, without being overly complicated.  Simplicity makes a logo design easily recognizable, versatile and memorable.   

A logo should be easily recalled after just one glance.


Your logo should incorporate a design that can be easily retained in the minds of the viewers.  "Simple" is the key attribute of a memorable logo.  A logo should be easily recalled after just one glance.   Over time, a customer comes to associate your logo with your company.  Brands that use a clear and simple logo will stand out and be more memorable for the general public, like the McDonald's Golden Arch or the Nike Swoosh.

Studies indicate that memorable logos deliver positive brand benefits.


An effective logo works across a variety of media and applications.   You will be resizing your logo onto various surfaces and materials. 


The most impactful logos are designed using principles of proportion and symmetry to create a pleasing, balanced aesthetic quality.  Your new logo needs to be well balanced, and reproduce at a variety of different sizes – especially on the smaller side.  Overly complex logos with too much detail or thin lines can become distorted when reproduced as a very small image.  Your logo should be clean enough so that is looks visually appealing at any size. 


An effective logo will endure the test of time.  Trends will come and go.  Just like the little black dress, your logo should be timeless,  rather than one that follows a trend that will eventually fade.   Strive to create a logo that never becomes irrelevant or out of date.   Coca-Cola is a great example of a logo created over a century ago, that is classic, relevant, and timeless.


Build a strong connection with your customers and prospects by telling them your brand story. Your logo represents your company's purpose, values and products or services.  The most effective logos speak to the target audience, effortlessly, using color, typography and graphics to convey the essence of the brand.

The Psychology of Color

When designing your brand, it is usually best practice to stick to a small palette of one main color, possibly a minor secondary color, and then one neutral color.  Choose meaningful and complementary colors.


Typography is so significant that it can make or break a logo design.  When it comes to logo design, your typeface should be unique.  Don’t use more than two fonts and make sure they are legible when scaled down.  Avoid common fonts.  You do not necessarily need to use a decorative font to tell your story.  In fact, it is the decorative, trendy fonts that date faster.

Work with a professional

Designing an effective, timeless logo when you first start your business is time and money well spent.  If you are a new company looking to create your company logo, or an established business looking for a new or refreshed logo that captures the essence of your company, I can help.  Jump-start your business today, by creating a logo that is well regarded for it's aesthetic appeal, cleverness and simplicity.

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